The Assaf Harofeh campus stretches over 65 acres and
employs 3,000 staff.

In the past year

We admitted 63,000 patients to our regular departments

346,000 were treated in our consultative out-patient clinics and day care facilities

23,500 hospital days were utilized

8553 babies were brought into the world

21,500 surgical procedures were performed in our 17 operating theaters

27,000 dialysis treatments were administered
“ And ye shall not harden your hearts against the poor and the needy, but heal them. ”

This quote from the 1,500-year-old oath for Jewish doctors was written by “Assaf Harofeh,” also known as Assaf the Doctor — long considered the Jewish Hippocrates.

His complete 1,000 word oath is still taken today by all students qualifying as physicians in Israel.

The Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is dedicated to his spirit and his teachings, which have provided inspiration and knowledge to all in
the pursuit of healing.

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On Tuesday, March 28th, 2005 a movie cinema for children hospitalized in the Pediatric Department was inaugurated that will screen films for children and youth a number of times every day.
The establishment of the "Kolnoam" (Noam Cinema) was made possible thanks to a donation from the Leibovitz Family, whose son, Noam z"l, was killed in a terrorist attack at the Geha Junction last year. Noam z"l used to volunteer in the Pediatric Department at Assaf Harofeh and entertained the hospitalized children by playing on his guitar and singing.
In the modern and intimate cinema there is a huge screen, 11 inclined seats, acoustic ceiling and sophisticated movie screening system. During the day, films will be shown for different age groups at different times.
A new and spacious playroom with hundreds of games and books as well as computers was also recently inaugurated in the Pediatric Department. The playroom is also used as a classroom, where professional teachers instruct the children in the school work they are missing by being hospitalized.


The 5-1/2 year old daughter of Chabad emissaries in Russia, who was suffering from a high fever, was hospitalized in a small hospital an hour.s flight from Moscow. During the tests she underwent, it was discovered that she had diabetes. From abroad, her worried parents contacted the Assaf Harofeh Medical Centre and a medical team consisting of endocrinologist and diabetes specialist Prof. Zvi Bistritzer, head of the Pediatric B Department and Mrs. Gila Lavie, attending nurse in the Pediatric B Department as well as the appropriate medical equipment were quickly organized and left on Thursday. At 4:00 early Friday morning, the medical team and young girl landed in Israel.

She was admitted to the Pediatric Department where the blood sugar levels in her body were stabilized. .The girl came with a very high sugar level of 480 . today here condition has greatly improved and her blood sugar level has gone down to 160,. said Prof. Bistritzer. .In the next few days, we will continue to stabilize her condition and will teach her parents how to deal with a child who has juvenile diabetes,. he added. It should also be mentioned that sometimes a fever will cause the onset of diabetes.

This is the second time in the past few weeks that a girl has been flown from Russia to Assaf Harofeh. A month ago, a premature baby, whose life was in danger, was flown from Russia to Assaf Harofeh where her life was saved.

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