The Assaf Harofeh campus stretches over 65 acres and
employs 3,000 staff.

In the past year

We admitted 63,000 patients to our regular departments

346,000 were treated in our consultative out-patient clinics and day care facilities

23,500 hospital days were utilized

8553 babies were brought into the world

21,500 surgical procedures were performed in our 17 operating theaters

27,000 dialysis treatments were administered
“ And ye shall not harden your hearts against the poor and the needy, but heal them. ”

This quote from the 1,500-year-old oath for Jewish doctors was written by “Assaf Harofeh,” also known as Assaf the Doctor — long considered the Jewish Hippocrates.

His complete 1,000 word oath is still taken today by all students qualifying as physicians in Israel.

The Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is dedicated to his spirit and his teachings, which have provided inspiration and knowledge to all in
the pursuit of healing.

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Thanks to the personal involvement and generosity of thousands of devoted people just like you in the United States and around the world, we have transformed Assaf Harofeh into a dynamic, academic medical center that brings ongoing comfort and healing to hundreds of
thousands of Israelis each year.

We simply cannot do it without your help. Your generous commitment today is vital to the patients, doctors, and staff of Assaf Harofeh Medical Center as we rise to meet these new challenges in Israel’s history.


We are asking today for your help on behalf of the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center. As the third largest governmental hospital in Israel, Assaf Harofeh provides
crucial health services to Israeli Defense Forces, as well as to the surrounding communities of nearly one-half million people.

Assaf Harofeh provides all the major services of a modern medical facility — 24-hour emergency services, intensive care, general medical, surgical, cardiac, pediatric, and neonatal medical services — and is home to several world-renowned medical institutes and specialties.


World-wide propaganda against Israel, together with a devastating world economy, have all but stopped the flow of monetary assistance from communities around the world.
The generation of generous Holocaust survivors is almost all gone.


Please Send your Donations to:
American Friends of Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh)
61A 9th Street, Suite 14
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Attn.: Irina A. Olevsky, President 

Phone: 917-599-6553

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