The Assaf Harofeh campus stretches over 65 acres and
employs 3,000 staff.

In the past year

We admitted 63,000 patients to our regular departments

346,000 were treated in our consultative out-patient clinics and day care facilities

23,500 hospital days were utilized

8553 babies were brought into the world

21,500 surgical procedures were performed in our 17 operating theaters

27,000 dialysis treatments were administered
“ And ye shall not harden your hearts against the poor and the needy, but heal them. ”

This quote from the 1,500-year-old oath for Jewish doctors was written by “Assaf Harofeh,” also known as Assaf the Doctor — long considered the Jewish Hippocrates.

His complete 1,000 word oath is still taken today by all students qualifying as physicians in Israel.

The Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is dedicated to his spirit and his teachings, which have provided inspiration and knowledge to all in
the pursuit of healing.

Services & Sub Specialities
Special Projects
Planned and Ongoing Projects

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Planned and ongoing projects :

The Yitzhak Shamir Orthopedic and Trauma Center :

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is trying to create a special project, in conjunction with our Friends Organizations all over the world, which will solve most urgent needs in the fields of trauma and general multi-specialty orthopedic services. The joint plan is to erect a Special Orthopedic and Trauma Center for the comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and teaching of Orthopedics and Trauma, in the broadest sense of the word. This Center will be located in the central area of the Medical Center’s sixty-five-acre campus.

Assaf Harofeh has one of the most active orthopedic and emergency services in Israel, with the largest numbers of trauma and accident admissions, and thousands of orthopedic patients, civilians and soldiers, of all ages and nationalities. This special Center, that will offer comprehensive acute, medical, surgical, and especially rehabilitation services to these most severely affected people, is a top priority need. We would like to emphasize that a very significant percentage of the elderly people requiring these services are holocaust survivors, and this adds a special humanitarian purpose to this philanthropic endeavor.

The project will comprise a most prestigious three-storey building that will house The Orthopedic Department, The Neurosurgery Department, The Orthopedic Spine Unit, The Orthopedic Endoscopic Surgery Unit, The Joint Transplantation Unit, a most advanced Rehabilitation Wing, a Teaching Auditorium, and all the infrastructure and supportive services for the comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation and teaching of Orthopedics and Trauma. The building will be erected in the present central square of the hospital and its ground floor will be the gate to the new hospital square. The total surface area of the project is approximately 5,000 square meters and the estimated cost of the building is US$9,000,000 – US$9,500,000.

The Irradiation Therapy Institute :

Israel suffers from an acute shortage of irradiation therapy facilities for cancer treatment. Patients in our area have to wait for 6-8 weeks in order to receive irradiation therapy, a situation that very often causes extreme suffering and physical damage to the patient.

Today, the Oncology Department at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center extends comprehensive cancer treatment services to a population of 500,000 people, with 1,000 newly diagnosed cancer patients every year, and the lack of an irradiation facility creates severe problems for these patients.

The Friends have therefore undertaken to build and equip a new Irradiation Facility that will, in the long run, serve a population of 1,000,000 people in the central and southern parts of Israel. The project is now in advanced stages of authorization by the Ministry of Health, and we appeal to all our friends around the world to help us in this humanitarian endeavor.

The Pathology Institute :

The Pathology Institute at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is an academic medical institute, extending comprehensive, histopathology services to the hospital and to the various medical facilities in our area, including The Israel Defense Forces.

The Friends have completed a new building project that has transferred the Institute to the new hospital area, and will provide the appropriate environment for its vital services.

The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner for diagnosis and follow-up of cancer diseases:

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center has a most active Oncology Service with 1,000 new cancer patients diagnosed here every year. The patients receive comprehensive oncologic care at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, including all diagnostic procedures, laboratory workup, oncologic surgery, and chemotherapy including intravascular organ oriented treatment.

The PET Scanning System comprises two sophisticated high-tech components; a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner and a Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner. The integrated information from these two devices makes it possible to accurately localize the living cancerous tissue in the various organs of the body, and according to these results the doctor can select the most appropriate treatment for the cancer patients. The same diagnostic procedure is used to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment and the patient’s response throughout the treatment process.

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